portion of 1939 Register

portion of 1939 Register

Title: portion of 1939 Register
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by: Michael Norbury
Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Myrtle Harris
Myrtle Johnson
MyrtleAAAAHarrisHarrisAAAAMyrtle 024 July 18972414130123Shanghai, China4411 May 19762442910447828780  FYESY100R
George Alfred Johnson
George Alfred Walsh
George AlfredAAAAJohnsonJohnsonAAAAGeorge Alfred 024 August 18792407586141Great Crosby, Lancaster, England4417 December 19522434364687326778Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex, England  MYESY100